Sobel’s Skin (Isobel the Bear-Eater, Book 1)

Sobel's Skin cover by Levi HastingsWhen the spirits call, you must answer. 
When the spirits called Sobel, she ran away. 

Things have been going badly ever since. But when the mountain next to her village begins spewing ash and fire, Sobel can no longer avoid the spirit world. Big Raven has big plans for a little girl from the Salmon Tribe, and they start in the hot heart of a volcano.

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“Sobel’s Skin” is a short fantasy novel (40K words/150 pages), the first in a planned series set in an alternate history Siberia sort of world. The main character is a female shaman who can turn into a bear; this story details how she comes into her powers. Forget about elves, dragons and wizards, this is a land of volcanoes and ravens, avalanches and foxes, and spirits both leaving and entering human bodies.

Cover art by Levi Hastings.

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You can also check out the free short story “Isobel and the Mammoths”, which retells the same events as “Sobel’s Skin,” but at a 300-year remove. Warning: details change during 300 years of oral retellings! For even more, on the Pinterest board I keep for the Isobel the Bear-Eater series, you will find all sorts of northern imagery and maybe even a few clues to Isobel’s future adventures.


Will there be a sequel?

I have outlined another five or six books about Isobel the Bear-Eater. If there’s a lot of interest in this story, the next book will get bumped up in my work queue. You can sign up to get an email when I next publish anything. I mean, anything longer than a blogpost. You can get that stuff up in your RSS feed anytime.